Hager Outbacks

  • Optometrically polished lenses eliminate distortion and blue or yellow tint
  • Specially designed lenses eliminate fogging of glasses
  • Anti-scratch coating
  • Lightweight frame reduces strain on head and ears
  • Silicone nose piece prevents sliding when perspiring
  • Silicone grips on temples prevent grabbing of hair
  • Each pair includes neck strap
  • Larger lens for fuller protection

Available Products

SKU Product Color
100700 Hager Outbacks - Gold Frame Gold Frame
100701 Hager Outbacks - Red Frame Red Frame
100702 Hager Outbacks - Black Frame Black Frame
100703 Hager Outbacks - Hot Pink Frame Hot Pink Frame
100704 Hager Outbacks - Pink Frame Pink Frame
100705 Hager Outbacks - Purple Frame Purple Frame
100706 Hager Outbacks - Blue Frame Blue Frame
100707 Hager Outbacks - Green Frame Green Frame
100710 Hager Outbacks - Silver Frame Silver Frame
100708 Hager Outbacks - Blue Frame (Child's) Blue Frame (Child's)
100709 Hager Outbacks - Black Frame (Tinted Lens) Black Frame (Tinted Lens)
100713 Hager Outbacks - Replacement Nose Piece Replacement Nose Piece
100712 Hager Outbacks - Side Shields Side Shields


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