Bambach Saddle Seat – Classic Plus

  • Unlike conventional seating that forces your spine into a compressed “C” shape, the Bambach maintains your spine in its natural “S” shape. This means you can treat patients from a variety of positions and angles – while always keeping perfect sitting posture. Say good-bye to your neck and backpain!
  • Over 50,000 dentists enjoy Bambachs worldwide.
  • Created by Australian occupational therapist Mary Gale, the Bambach was the worlds first ergonomic saddle seat. Years of research and development went into the design to ensure dental professionals can practice pain-free.
  • Ultra Leather and Additional Colors Available as a Special Order

Available Products

790250CBambach Saddle Seat - Classic Plus - FawnFawn
790254CBambach Saddle Seat - Classic Plus - CocoaCocoa
790251CBambach Saddle Seat - Classic Plus - FeatherFeather
790255CBambach Saddle Seat - Classic Plus - Lake LouiseLake Louise
790252CBambach Saddle Seat - Classic Plus - Deep SapphireDeep Sapphire
790253CBambach Saddle Seat - Classic Plus - Black SatinBlack Satin


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