BullFrog Motor Repair

We Pay $35 Cash for Any Compressor or Vacuum Core! Please call Tonya Yount at (800)-345-3745 for more info!


1. Bench Test Unit

2. Disassemble Motor, Pump or Turbine

a. Check all wiring from motor and switching devices

b. Surge windings (test for)

- Ground short

- Bad wiring

- Coil to coil short

- Breakdown in insulation

c. Check switches and capacitors

d. Check bearing surfaces and bell surfaces for wear

3. Pump and Vacuum Stack

a. Disassemble clean or replace vacuum adjuster

b. Check pump surfaces for wear and build-up

c. Check impeller for wear

4. Control Box

a. Check transformers and contactors

b. Check wiring

c. Check cord and cord end

5. Water System

a. Disassemble water solenoid and check components

b. Disassemble vacuum breaker

c. Check piping for corrosion, wear, clogging and foreign matter

* Please send all cores and containers to:

Bullfrog Motor East Division
441-A 19th Street SE
Hickory NC 28602
(All Returns Require RA Number)
Please Call (800) 345-3745 for Return Authorization Number.


1. Motor (Replace or Repair)

a. Replace all bearings

b. Replace all bad switches

c. Replace capacitors if needed

d. Check and replace any bad end bell ,rotor and bearing surface

e. Replace any bad or marginal wiring

f. Rewind or replace as necessary

g. Re-insulate motor windings

h. All parts are thoroughly cleaned

2. Pump & Vacuum Stack

a. Clean & replace vacuum adjuster components

b. Resurface or replace impellers

c. Resurface and clean pump faces

d. Clean all foreign material from pump and stack

e. Replace gaskets

f. Replace all water seals

3. Control Box (24 Volt)

a. Replace bad control boards, bad transformers or contractors

b. Replace or repair bad wiring

c. Tighten all wire connecting points (motor and box)

4. Water System

a. Disassemble all components from filter to pump

b. Clean or replace water filter

c. Clean or replace water solenoid

d. Clean or replace water restrictors

e. Repair vacuum breakers (new seating kits)

f. Replace bad water hoses and fittings

5. Reassemble Entire Unit 

a. Shim for maximum vacuum

6. Test Run

a. Check for any leaks

b. Check for proper vacuum

7. Clean and Paint

8. Final Bench Check

a. Test for short to ground

b. Test motor amperage

c. Make final check of components

9. Clean or replace solid waste collector


All Bull Frog Motor Repairs and Returns, along with Apt II Burners needing repair, should be shipped directly to the Bullfrog Motor Repair Division at:
BullFrog Motor East Division
441-A 19th Street SE
Hickory, NC 28602
email: bullfrogmotorrepair@hagerworldwide.com

Additionally, all orders for Motors, Pumps, Cartridges, Parts, Apt II Burners, etc , need to be faxed directly to the Bull Frog Motor Repair Division at
Returns will not be accepted without Return Authorization Number . If you have any questions or to obtain your Return Authorization Number please call:
(800) 345-3745.

Return Policy:

On all returned items please first call Bull Frog Motor Repair at: (800) 345-3745 for Return Authorization Number. All items after 30 days subject to 25 percent restock fee. All electrical items subject to return at Bullfrog's discretion. All returned items must be sent to Bull Frog Motor Division at:
441-A 19th Street S.E.
Hickory NC 28602

Warranty Items:

Bull Frog to pay freight charge for shipping warranty unit to dealer or to dealers customer. Dealer to pay freight charge of warranty unit to be shipped back to Bull Frog Motor Repair Division. Dealer is billed for complete warranty unit. Dealer is credited back for warranty unit when warranty unit is received at Bull Frog Motor Repair Division. All Bull Frog warranty shipments are UPS Ground only. Any upgraded shipping will be at dealers expense. All returned items are required Return Authorization Number before return.


Additional core charge of $100.00 will be added to cost of every purchase of Bullfrog vacuum pump or compressor head or unit. Once core unit is returned to Bullfrog at dealer expense core charge of $100.00 will be credited back to Dealer account. All returns must have Return Authorization Number.


Additional $50.00 container return charge will be added to purchase of Bullfrog vacuum pump or compressor head or unit when container is used for shipping item. Once container is returned to Bullfrog at dealer expense container charge of $50.00 will be credited back to Dealer account. All returns must have Return Authorization Number.

1 Quart - COM VAC OIL included with all lubricated compressor units.

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