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254105 - Universal Adapters (Gray)

Universal Adapters - H.V.E. - Converts 16 mm to 11 mm ...

254130 - Adapters for Aspiration Hoses - White

Aspiration Hose Adapter - Converts 11 mm to 16 mm, White ...

254134 - H.V.E/S.E Adapter - 6&11 to16 mm Green

H.V.E./S.E. - Converts 6 & 11 mm to 16 mm, Green [TBD]

B11101 - ADEC Adapters - H.V.E Handpiece to a-dec

ADEC Bull Frog H.V.E. Handpiece to a-decĀ® Tubing Adapter

B11127 - H.V,E to Saliva Tubing

Adapters - H.V,E to Saliva Tubing

B11128 - Salvia Ejector to H.V.E. Valve

Salvia Ejector to H.V.E. Valve

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