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Metaliftglamour metalift openglamour metalift closed


Crown & Bridge Removal System

Introductory Kit

  • Regular & Magnum Crown Removal Instrument
  • Keys
  • Mineral Oil
  • Rouge Latex Separator
  • Burs
  • Kit Packaging
  • Instructional Material


 pdficon Download MetaLift Product Sheet



BioGuardB2000 Vanquish pipesB2000 BioGuard


Dental Evacuation Microbial Enzyme Cleaning System

  • Minimizes cleaning clogged drains
  • Extends life of vacuum pump
  • Eco-friendly and non-foaming
  • Used to "Clean Out" existing build up
  • Removes prophy paste build-up, bio-film, organic debris
  • Produces residual action cleaning between uses
  • Neutral pH

BioGuard by BullFrog

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pdficon Download BioGuard MSDS Sheet

pdficon Download BioGuard Product Sheet


Bravo Portable III

bravo IIIbravo III

452150 Bravo III set452150 Bravo III

Portable Micromotor

• Complete Set - Micro Motor, Anywhere Carrying Pouch & AC Power Cord
• 4,000 to 35,000 R.P.M
• Lithium Battery (Battery life continuous operations 15 Hours)
• Weight: 11.2 lbs. (317 gm)







605270 diposa-Bib Holders 1 605270 diposa-Bib Holders Action



Single-use Patient Bib Holders

Made of soft silk like fiber for patient comfort
• Minimizes cross contamination
• 20 inch length
• No tangle dispenser






605270 diposa-Bib Holders Action 2605270 diposa-Bib Holders 3














B10550 2 B10550B10550 DuraSyringe Action 2

Dura Syringe Autoclavable

3-Way Syringe Air/Water Syringe
(a-dec® Style)

• Complete handle and head assembly are fully autoclavable
for patient safety
• Accepts standard autoclavable air/water tips or single-use
air/water syringe tips
• DuraQuick tip disconnect
• Ergonomically balanced
• Surgical stainless steel



bambach adjustments 480

B1620 Duration Syringe Tips


Air/Water Syringe Tips

Universal/a-dec type
Stainless Steel
Length: 3-1/4" (8 mm)

 pdficon Download Duration Product Literature








Hager Avions100920 Avion Pink Slim Fit Wraparounds100920 Avion Pink Slim Fit Wraparounds Model


Protective Eyewear

• Wrap-around uni-lens design offers full panoramic view and excellent side protection
• Soft, flexible nose bridge minimizes slippage and provides all day comfort
• Supercoattm anti-fog and anti-scratch coating

 pdficon Download Hager Protective Eyewear Product Literature



100921 Avion Blue Slim Fit Wraparounds Model100921 Avion Blue Slim Fit Wraparounds













Hager Jewels - Felines100931 Hager Jewels Feline Cheetah Design wraparound Model100931 Hager Jewels Feline Cheetah Design wraparound


The latest style in eye protection

• Feline Wrap-arounds offer a more conservative wrap-around safety lens and the leopard print on the temples

• Feline Complete offers a stylish full frame leopard print with oversized lenses for maximum protection

• Both offer a universal nose bridge for great comfort and fit
• Supercoattm anti-fog and anti-scratch coating



100930 Hager Jewels Feline Cheetah Design Full Frame100930 Hager Jewels Feline Cheetah Design Full Frame Model


pdficon Download Hager Protective Eyewear Product Literature










Hager OTG Sleeks100900 Hager OTG Sleeks100900 Hager OTG Sleeks Model


Protective Eyewear

• Fits over most medium sized prescription eyewear (up to 144 mm)
• Ultra-lightweight - only 1 ounce
• Adjustable length drop temples that "hook" behind the ears to prevent slippage
• Frames design maintains a space between the prescription and safety lens

 pdficon Download Hager Protective Eyewear Product Literature




Hager Zoom Magnifiers100912 Zoom Magnifiers Model - Copy 2100912 Zoom Magnifiers


Protective Eyewear

• Reduces eye strain and fatigue by not having to focus throught inconveniently placed bifocals
• Soft, flexible nose bridge and rubber temple tips minimize slippage and provides all day comfort

 pdficon Download Hager Protective Eyewear Product Literature






Hager Pharma Xylitol Dry Mouth Dropsxylitol-assorted

• Reduction of plaque forming bacteria
• Low calorie sugar substitute
• Aids in saliva production

 pdficon Download Xylitol Dry Mouth Drops MSDS Sheet








Miratray Implant Advanced

This novel impression tray with patented foil technology is a development of the team Professors Dr. Spiekermann
and Dr. Haselhuhn (University Aachen, Germany). An implant impression tray can be created in a matter of seconds with high-precision, resulting in cost savings with no laboratory needed.

 • Ease of use (with patented foil technology
• Abutments clearly visible through foil
• Superior technique - allows tray repositioning with the precision of the
"pick-up" technique
• Saves time and money - no customized tray needed
• Clean and precise – no overflow of impression material at the abutments
• Compatible with all implant systems
• Available in three sizes each for maxilla and mandible, for dentulous and edentulous jaws

 Miratray Implant Advanced

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pdficon Download Miratray Advanced Literature






B12300 Cool Lube Vacuum Oil B12300 Cool Lube Action

BullFrog "Cool Lube"

Compressor/Vacuum Oil

• Synthetic biodegradable compressor/vacuum lubricant
• Formulated for all dental compressors and vacuum pumps
• Extends life of compressor and vacuum pumps
• Safe, non-toxic and non-flammable
• Volume: 32 fl. oz.






Implant Education Model355660 Implant Patient Education Model 2355660 Implant Patient Education Model 1


Study Model

• Transparent study model for demonstration of implant cases
• Complete with acrylic display and 9 removable dental appliances
• Assist in presenting/selling treatment plan
• 1:1 Scale







Mirahold Plus

605452 Mirahold Plus605452 Mirahold Plus action

Double Sided Cheek Retractor

• Unique double-sided retractor
• One side for adults/One side for pedo
• Useful for photography and other dental procedures
• Autoclavable









Quick Clips

605360 Quick Clips 2605360 Quick Clips 1

Cotton Roll Holders

• Easy to use
• Uses Standard Cotton Rolls
• Single-use (Plastic)
• Affordable










Single Tooth Implant Models

Study Models

• Easy to use and understand
• Great for patient education
• Large scale

355662 Implant Education Bicuspid Model 2355662 Implant Education Bicuspid Model 1




Bicuspid Model








355663 Implant Education Incisor Model 3355663 Implant Education Incisor Model 1



Incisor Model










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