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Smart+Air line is available in three different sizes to meet the needs of any dental office.

Smart+Air: super-silenced complete with all accessories (cabin-in soundproofing material with
internal cooling system and dryer).

The "Secure Starting" system is standard and allows the compressor to restart with no problems, even in the case of a power failure or emergencies (always starts with vented head).

The Smart+Air 640 handles 6 to 8 Operators.

operatorgrph 6-8

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Product Name Model # Capacity Volts Amps HP c.f.m. Bar dB L x D x H (in) lbs.
Smart+Air 640 BFF600 24 gal. 240/3 20 6 18.08 8 64 47 x 30.7 x 32.2 260
Smart+Air 640 with Dryer BFF700 24 gal. 240/3 20 6 18.08 8 64 47 x 30.7 x 32.2 260



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