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Here you can ask a question or contact our BullFrog Motor Repair Division regarding your pumps and accessories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. I have a standalone vacuum pump with low suction. Why?


    a. Faulty or dirty water solenoid - Replace solenoid. 
    b. Plugged or partially plugged inline water restrictor - Clean water restrictor.
    c. Solids collector full - Need to clean.
    d. Plugged or partially plugged intake manifold - Clean intake manifold.
    e. Lack of water to pump. Remove water flex line at pump housing. Turn pump on momentarily. Should have hard 24 inch stream of water to pump housing not a 6 inch weak stream. Lack of water creates lack of suction (Check MFG. for required water pressure). Seeing water flow through exhaust hose means nothing. Must have correct water pressure to create correct vacuum.
    f. Try increasing vacuum adjuster on vacuum manifold to required need.
  • 2. I have three colored wires from a 24 volt control box. How do I hook them up?


    Compressor Type

    Remote for Operatory

    For Overhead Light

    APOLLO Blue & Red White
    AIR TECHNIQUES Yellow & Orange Brown
    DENTAL-EZ Black & Yellow Brown
    MATRX Red & White Blue
    TECH WEST Blue & Red White
    U.S. GENERAL Red & White Blue
  • 3. Why do I have suction in only one of my two pumps (in dual units)?


    a. Bad check valves in unit (normally the case) - Replace both check valves. 
    b. Lack of water to pump (remove flexible water line at pump housing. Turn each pump on momentarily - check each pump for 3" hard stream of water - should not be a 6" stream). Lack of water creates lack of suction (check mfg. for required water pressure). Seeing water flow through exhaust hose means nothing. Must have correct water pressure to create correct vacuum.
    c. Partially plugged intake side of PVC piping - Clean intake.
    d. Crimped intake hose - Replace intake hose.
    e. Faulty or dirty water solenoid - Replace solenoid
  • 4. My Copeland compressor head hums but does not run?


    a. Bad relay in starter assembly box (normally the case) - Replace relay. 
    b. Bad start capacitor in starter assembly box - Replace
    c. Rod bearing locked to crankshaft due to lack of oil - Replace Copeland Head.
    d. Bad pressure switch - Replace pressure switch.
    e. Bad connection at pressure switch or connection at Copeland insulator connection board.


  • 5. Les, We have a twin head Matrix vacuum pump. When running, the solids trap appears to be boiling on the inside. Would this be due to an upstream or downstream leak?

    What appears to be "boiling" on the inside means that you have extra
    activity than normal in your solids trap which gives a bubbling affect.
    This could be from :

    a. More than normal back pressure - partially plugged plumbing at the
    unit or drain side. 
    b. Lack of water to the pumps. Remove flex hose at back side of each
    pump checking one pump at a time. You should have a 2 to 3 foot
    hard stream of water flow not a 6 inch droopy stream.
    c. Using to much vacuum system chemical cleaner when flushing the
    lines at the end of the day. Try flushing unit at the end of the day
    using water only to see if trap clears up.
    d. Possible air leak. Turn valve off in service box - isolate operatories
    from suction unit checking to see if trap clears.


  • 6. Les, Does Hager Worldwide/BullFrog buy dental vacuum pumps and compressor pump cores.


    Please give BullFrog a call at 800-345-3745 or 828-624-3330. We
    will be happy to purchase most vacuum and compressor core units.
    This is a fast and easy process BullFrog can put cash in your pocket.
    Once your pumps are secure on a pallet give us a call and BullFrog
    does it all. We‛ll arrange shipping. You pay no shipping charge. Same
    day to next day pickup. You‛ll receive a check for your unwanted cores
    normally within 30 to 60 business days. Please call for details.








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