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Demo Dent

demo dent2demo dent1

Model for Patient Education & Motivation
Clear, Translucent and Flexible with Upper & Lower Jaw Articulation - 1:1 Size

Demo Dent 1 - Model with (32) Removable Teeth and Anatomically Correct Roots


(1) # 355638

Demo Dent 2 - Model Shows Caries Profunda and Inflammation at Root Tips Granuloma and Impacted Tooth, Teeth Non-Removable


# 355639



Demo Dent Pedodemo dent pedo

Demonstration Model for Deciduous Teeth Featuring Caries

Upper and Lower Jaw with 12 Deciduous Teeth in Articulation, Interproximal and Molar Cavities and Broken Front Tooth with Root Problems (1) # 355652







Demo Dent Partial - Anterior & Posteriordemo dent partial

Anterior (Caries Profunda Front)
Five (5) Modeled Front Teeth in Different Stages of Development
(1) # 355654
Posterior (Cares Profunda Posterior)
Five (5) Modeled Molar Teeth in Transparent Plastic Block
(1) # 355655








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