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Mirahold Plus

605452 Mirahold Plus605452 Mirahold Plus action


Double Sided Cheek Retractor

• Unique double-sided retractor
• One side for adults / One side for pedo
• Useful for photgraphy and other dental procedures
• Autoclavable

(Double-Sided) Adult One End -
Child One End [Autoclavable] "NEW"

(2/pk) 605452




Spandex Vertical

605456 Spandex Vertical Lip Expander605457 Spandex Vertical Lip Expander child

Vertical Lip & Cheek Retractor

• Expands patient's mouth in vertical direction
• For treatment at the gingival border of anterior teeth
• Excellent for whitening
• Autoclavable

Adult [Autoclavable] "NEW" (2/pk) 605456
Child [Autoclavable] "NEW" (2/pk)







605456 Spandex Vertical Lip Expander adult action










Lip-Ex Vertical Expansion Cheek Retractorlip ex cheek

Vertical Expansion Cheek Retractor (Clear)

Adult & Child (2 of Each) (Cold Sterilizable) (1) # 605212
Adult (6 per Pack) (1) # 605255







 Mirahold Cheek Retractormirahold cheek

Adult (Single-Sided) (2/Pk.) # 605450
Child (Single-Sided) (2/Pk.) # 605451







 Spandex Lip & Cheek Retractorspandex lip cheek

Adult (Two-Sided) (2/Pk.) # 605454
Child (Two-Sided) (2/Pk.) # 605455








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