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BioGuardB2000 Vanquish pipesB2000 BioGuard

Dental Evacuation Microbial Enzyme Cleaning System

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• Minimizes cleaning clogged drains
• Extends life of vacuum pump
• Eco-friendly and non-foaming
• Used to "Clean Out" existing build up
• Removes prophy paste build-up, bio-film, organic debris
• Produces residual action cleaning between uses
• Neutral pH
• Digests Organic Waste
• Eliminates Odor & improves Vacuum Line suction
• Dispensing Very Easy in Convenient to Use Stick Packs

BioGuard by BullFrog

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Shock Pack (20 Pouches)
Per Operatory: One BioGuard Pouch (30 ml) into 720 ml of Water for Five Days

(20 Pouches) B2000
Starter Pack (32 Pouches) + Tip & Pour Dispenser (1)

(32 Pouches) B2001
Refill Maintenance Pack (32 Pouches) (32 Pouches) B2002
Bulk Refill - Maintenance Pack (128 Pouches) (128 Pouches) B2003
Tip & Pour Dispenser (1) B2004


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