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Comfort Dreams Headphones

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• Dental Relaxation Head Phones - Providing Protection & Clarity
• Stereo Earmuffs for Playing MP3, Mobile Phones or other Audio Devices
• Volume Management Technology - Manages Output Volume up to 82 dBA
• 3.5 mm Input Cable, Reinforced Slides with Handhold Adjustment of Headband
• Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 25 - Includes Comfort Pads (10 pairs)
• Ear Cushions/Foam Inserts

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Comfort Dreams Dental Relaxation Head Phones (1) 355875
Introductory Kit - Comfort Dreams Headphones with (100) Ear Cushions/Foam Inserts (1) 355874



Comfort Pads - Hygiene Dispensing Kit with (100 pairs) Ear Cushions/Foam Inserts (1) 355876
3.5 mm Replacement Audio Cable (1) 355877




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