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• Ophthalmic quality Anti-Scratch Coating on both inside and outside lens surfaces designed to increase the lifespan of the protective eyewear; thereby, increasing
professional user satisfaction.

• Exclusively Designed for Dentistry where the nasal bridge design creates superior air flow over the rear of the lens. Prevents and/or in most cases, eliminates fogging without the need for anti-fog coatings (which are generally soft and susceptible to the abrasive dental operatory environment).

•Revolutionary temple paddle design follows the contour of the cranium with gentle spring pressure. Totally relieves the day long pressure of the competitive hook style temple,
eliminates the need for adjustable temples and minimizes damage to hairstyles.

• Outback’s Slims are designed specifically for smaller adult patient and juvenile patient facial profiles. Dental head rest on the dental chair will not dislocate as the patient turns their head right or left; thereby, maintaining protection during the complete dental


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100700 gold 100702 black 100701 red  

100703 hotpink

100704 pink

100705 purple  
 100706 blue  100707 green  100708 blue child  
 100710 silver  100709 black tinted    
Clear Lens    
Gold Frame (1) #100700
Red Frame (1) #100701
Black Frame (1) #100702
Hot Pink Frame (1) #100703
Pink Frame (1) #100704
Purple Frame (1) #100705
Blue Frame (1) #100706
Green Frame (1) #100707
Silver Frame (1) #100710
Blue Frame - Child Size (1) #100708


Tinted Lens

Black Frame - Patient with Short Temples (1) #100709


Replacement Parts

Side Shields - Use of Side Shield is Indicated in "Splash" Environments and Can be Affixed to All Outback's Models (Set of 2) #100712




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