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Laser Eye Protection

355863 yellow tn355864 yellowgreen tn

Protective Eyewear with Polycarbonate Lens

  • Protection with Polymer Absorptive Technology
  • Laser Protection with Contemporary/Personalized Styling, Fashion and Adaptability
  • Eribium & 800 Diode, HT (High Transmission Filters) - VLT 72%


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Yellow Frame (Anti-Fog/Anti Scratch)

  • Dental Wavelength Coverage (810nm/2, 780nm)
  • OD>6 @ 810nm, OD>5 @ 800-820nm, OD >3 @ 821-830nm, OD>7 @ 2,775-3,780nm
  • YAG & 80 Diode - VLT 57%
(1) 355863

Yellow/Green Frame (Anti-Fog/Anti-Scratch)

  • Dental Wavelength Coverage (810nm/940nm/980nm/1,064nm)
  • OD>6 @ 800-825nm, OD>6 @ 920-1064nm >6
(1) 355864


Laser Aids

355866 laser aids

Disposable Patient Eye Protection - CE Approved

  • Laser Safe - Wavelengths Between OD 7 @ 190nm - 11,000nm
  • Full Access to Temples, Eyebrows and Nose Bridge, Latex Free and Hypoallergenic (Easy Peel Adhesive)



Trial Pack - Contains 5 Pairs for Patient Use per Box (1) 355866
User Pack - Contains 24 Pairs for Patient Use per Box (1)  355865












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