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Protective Eyewear

Hager Elites

Hager Elites
Stylish, Sport-Inspired

Hager Jewels - Rhinestone w/ Metallic Accent

Hager Jewels
Rhinestone with Metallica Accent

Hager Jewels Feline Full Frame

100930 Hager Jewels Feline Full Frame

Hager Jewels Feline Wraparound

100931 Hager Jewels Feline Wraparound

Hager OTG Sleeks

100900 Hager OTG Sleeks

Hager Outbacks

9 color choices
Scratch Resistant Coating

Hager Sports Pro

Hager Sports Pro
Optimal Peripheral Vision

Hager Zoom Magnifiers

Hager Zoom Magnifiers

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